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All BocaLetras tutors are qualified teachers and native Spanish speakers, whose only goal is to help you speak Spanish fluently.

We always recommend starting with a free trial lesson, where you can see what the course is like and also find the course level that will best suit your needs:

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As our principal teacher, Tania oversees designing course syllabi, preparing courseware as well as training and coaching our teachers. She is a qualified teacher of Spanish with years of experience teaching the language online as well as at educational institutions in Peru – and she enjoys a dance party, too.


Martina is our lead course coordinator, making sure our course schedules are fully aligned with our students’ needs, all materials are readily available and everything runs smoothly. She has moved around the world a fair amount, so organizing things online is something she takes in her stride.


Luděk manages the operation of the school, making sure all the bits fall into place – from the customer experience all the way to corporate matters. With a strong business background, his passion lies in learning languages - just as you’d expect at a language school.

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Language lessons are the backbone of our courses. This is where your teacher will explain the use of Spanish and practice speaking and writing with you, tailored specifically to your needs. Your teacher will also show you many interesting aspects of the Spanish-speaking world and culture: how people interact in social situations, what customs and habits they have and what’s in the news. We’ll share our passion for the Latin world with you here.

Our practice lessons will give you the opportunity to improve the fluency of your Spanish communication. Guided by an experienced native teacher, you will be able to speak not only about everyday situations, but also about life in Latin America.

We use proven language methods that work, and explain the grammar and vocabulary in a logical sequences. Our teachers are trained to adapt the pace of the course to your needs, while focusing on your course objectives. 

Our three course levels guide you through a structured syllabus to achieve proficiency in Spanish. The structure and contents of each level correspond to internationally accepted standards, but beyond those, you’ll learn how native speakers communicate and behave. 

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