- Frequently -Asked Questions

Learning with us

What is BocaLetras?

We are a language school on the internet, providing online courses of Spanish to adult students worldwide. Our tutors are professional teachers and native speakers. We use online multimedia courseware based on proven methods to help our students learn more effectively.

What will I learn?

A lot! You’ll learn the Spanish language in its American version with a neutral accent, in line with the objectives defined for each course level. Our focus is your ability to communicate and that’s where the practice lessons come in. The practical information about the Latin American and Spanish culture rounds it up, so you feel comfortable in the Spanish speaking world.

Who can study at BocaLetras?

Our courses are designed for adult students, so if you are aged 15 or more, we will be happy to teach you.

Can I test your course without risk?

Sure, just book a trial lesson here.

Our courses

What course shall I choose?

Our course levels correspond to international standards so you can transfer from another course easily. Nevertheless, we always recommend a trial class to help you choose the most suitable starting point for you. That may be in the beginning of a level or somewhere in the middle of it depending on your current knowledge and skill, so just speak to one of our teachers in your trial class and find out.

What tools do I need for the course?

All you need is an updated web browser, Skype and a computer or a tablet with an internet connection, microphone and speakers or headphones.

Do I need to buy any textbooks?

We are providing online textbooks to all our students. When you sign up for any of our courses, we will send you your user name and password to the online version of the textbook.

How long are the lessons and courses?

You decide! One lesson takes 50 minutes and you can schedule as many of them as frequently as you wish. Just buy a package of 15, 30, 45 or 60 lessons and tell us how you would like to schedule them: one per week, six per day or any other way, you will always get a personalised schedule to meet your time plan and learning objectives. Changes? We know they happen and we always try to accommodate them the best way we can.

How do I see my schedule and progress?

In our portal, you can see your complete schedule, including all your past and future lessons. Each completed lesson contains a summary and any additional material provided by your teacher during the lesson.

Can I schedule my course so it fits my other commitments?

Absolutely, all our students have personalised schedules that suit their personal circumstances. Changes do occur and we care to accommodate for them as much as we can.

Payment and cancellation

How do I pay?

Our courses are paid upon placing the order using PayPal, which also permits the use of all major credit cards.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we do. You will be eligible for a discount when you decide to continue studying with us after you have completed one of our courses.

What if I paid an order and you cannot schedule the course?

We always try very hard to match your scheduling requirements, whatever they may be. Should this not be possible, we will refund your payment in full within seven days of receipt as per our Terms and Conditions.

How do I make changes to my course schedule or interrupt my course for my vacation?

Contact our administrator as much in advance as you can, preferably at least three days in advance. We always try our best to reschedule your class according to your needs. At peak times, we may face capacity restrictions, but we will always deliver according to our Terms and Conditions as a minimum.